Shattered Reality’s Impending Release

In just a week, Shattered Reality will begin posting on Patreon, an online subscription platform where fans can support their favorite creators while receiving awesome exclusive rewards in return. Shattered Reality will be available on Tier 2, which is only $3 a month.

The special thing about Maxina’s Patreon is that she posts on it every week. More importantly, she posts on Tier 2 the most, as this is her Short Stories and Novelettes tier. Normally, she posts two short stories a month; in special circumstances such as Shattered Reality’s release, she will post the entire novelette broken into parts. Shattered Reality will take a total of 6 weeks to post, with two posts a week (or a chapter a week).

Maxina already has over 20 short stories and My Unsung Hero available for her Tier 2+ patrons on her Patreon-exclusive website, Sealed Archives. As soon as it is finished posting on Patreon, Shattered Reality will be available to read on the Sealed Archives, as well!

Maxina works diligently to provide content to her readers, but she cannot do it without help from her patrons and supporters. Even just $1 a month can go a long way to make sure that Maxina can properly dedicate her time to working on the next major story. If you would like to see what types of rewards you would receive by pledging, please go to her Patreon:

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