Want Ecalain for FREE?

Hello, all!

I know some of you don't have a Facebook page, and I apologize for not posting here sooner!

On June 4 (Sunday), I am hosting Ecalain's cover reveal. I am holding a live raffle on Facebook for the celebration. If you haven't liked the event on my Facebook page yet, check it out here!

For those of you who don't really use social media, no worries! Just contact me directly at maxinastoribrook@gmail.com with the subject saying, "Ecalain Raffle Entry".

The whole list of prizes has not been finalized, but here is the tentative list:

1. First will be two separate raffles for Danarko and Ecalain, depending on which one people signed up for. It will come with any one of the prizes below (winner's pick). After those winners have been picked, everyone is added into the general raffle for goods and products, which might include: 1. A signed banner (winner's pick on Danarko or Ecalain cover) 2. A signed poster (winner's pick on Danarko or Ecalain cover) 3. A poster of Saheir 4. A signed six-piece set of character cards (Mara, Codi, Kimala, Aeserast, Shaniel, and Thanos) ALL winners will get a personal letter written by me. This makes a total of 6 potential winners in the raffle. If I get more than 100 people in the raffle, I will see about bumping the prize list up to 10 prizes. 

Please feel free to share this blog post to help get out the word! As you can see, I am also having a Danarko raffle, so someone who has never read the book can be a part of the event!

Have fun and read books!


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