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18 Mar 2017

Hello, all!


So I ended up having to take a break from editing Ecalain to run my antivirus software after an unexpected accident on the internet. Everything turned out fine, thank goodness; however, it put me into a money-saving mood. Not money-saving for me, either; for YOU.


I have been trying to figure out how to discount Danarko on Amazon because I know the price is pretty ridiculous on there. Well, I kind of figured it out - and it doesn't involve Amazon directly.


It involves their printing platform, CreateSpace.


Yep. I managed to create discount codes for Danarko directly on CreateSpace! Muahaha! So instead of paying $15.99 + S&H, you now only have to pay $12.99 + S&H.


I know. Go ahead and run back to Amazon with their free two-day shipping. At least I thought it was cool...


One of these days, I will figure out Amazon and CreateSpace and be able to drop the price a bit more for everyone. In the meantime, enjoy this discount code for Danarko on CreateSpace. It takes off $3 at the register.







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