New Update!

Hello, my lovely peeps!

So a lot has changed recently in the realms of Maxina Storibrook. Danarko has been republished, so there are now two different versions: the limited edition and the regular edition. Main difference: altered cover, different book size, and the font is a little bigger in the regular edition. Oh, and I shifted the Xharos-English Dictionary to the back of the book in the regular edition. If you have any questions, just contact me!

I have been to a whopping total of two fairs so far. At both of them, I sold less than 20 books. However, I apparently am not doing bad regardless because when compared to the amount of people who actually went to those fairs, I actually sold to 10-20% of them. That means if I'm at bigger events, I might just have a chance!

This leads me to exuberantly tell you about my upcoming events! So excited! I have a couple different things going on this month. Here's a quick rundown:

  • January 20th: Eielson Library Book Talk. I will be talking about Danarko, how I got published, and what my process was. No prospective book sales simply because the base library doesn't allow it, but you can always contact me afterwards!

  • January 26th: River City Cafe Book Talk & Signing. Couldn't make it on base to the Eielson Library Book Talk? No worries! On the 26th, I will be having another book talk at River City Cafe in Fairbanks to discuss my book, how I got published, and what my process was (pretty much the same as the library book talk). However, I will also be selling the books on-site! Regular edition of Danarko is $12, and I accept credit/debit card, cash, and checks.

  • January 28th: 3rd Annual Sweetest Bazaar. This is actually a two-day event, but I will only be there on the 28th (a Saturday). It's at the Civic Center at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks. I'll be actively selling my books and answering any questions thrown at me! Drop by and say hi. I'd love to see some new or familiar faces!

Another little update: I'm moving - again! This time, back down to Georgia. I recently got engaged and will be living with my fiancé (so exciting!). So the first half of February is pretty shot for me; it's going to be a busy time for this writer, because...

Awesome news! I'm going to be a vendor at a couple of conventions! I've emailed several and applied to more, but only three have been confirmed. I'll announce the dates for them later. I'm currently attempting to get accepted into the Pensacon (Pensacola Comic Convention) in Florida from the 17-19 of February, which will be my first convention of the year! Wouldn't that be awesome?!

If you didn't know already, I have a store on my website and Facebook pages (both my author page and my book page) where you can buy my book for $12, as well as some other products. If you go onto Amazon, it will be $15.99 (I couldn't get it any lower than that! I'm sorry!). Shipping is included in my price, though it will be media shipping (so it may take 3-4 weeks to get to you). If you want faster shipping, let me know; you will just have to pay the extra shipping costs (I typically use PayPal).

If you haven't heard of my Patreon, check it out here! Please support me so I can write full-time.

Lots of love,

Max <3

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