The Limited Edition & the Republication

Hello, all!

Danarko Limited Edition time period has come to a close. There are a total of 103 books, and only about 30 left for people to purchase!

I will be republishing Danarko in the common edition in January, so keep on the lookout! In the meantime, check out my new features, including the Store in which I have my books for sale.

Also, feel free to give me feedback on the website. If there are any broken links, please let me know! I try to catch them all, but it's hard on my own.

Visit my Facebook pages (@MaxStoribrook and @DanarkoBook) for more frequent updates on my books. Support me on and have access to patron-only content, such as alternative perspectives of different scenes and updates on the progress of everything before anyone else.

Lots of love,


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