Mara on the Front Cover

Today has been an AMAZING day.

First, I finished my manuscript and printed it out. Even the Language Index. Then I handed it to my mother, a terrifying yet exhilirating process. It is now in a black three-ring soft binder, waiting for her to explore its pages (and hopefully not kill too many words). I already have three friends demanding - er, anticipating my email. Yay!

However, the next part feels like it takes the cake... and the presents... oh, screw it. It takes a whole freakin' castle.

Back in December, I saw this random author's post. She was bragging on the "fan art" one of her readers had drawn of her character. Interested, I followed the links and found Clockworkjoker, an art student taking commissions. I was amazed at all of the talented pieces! She is a great artist. Thinking, "What the heck, this would be awesome to have," I asked her to draw my protagonist, Mara. She asked a lot of questions to get the 'vibe' of Mara and, in no time, sent me 3 WIPs to pick from.

Behold the final result of the one I picked. I am so happy right now. It is a beautiful image that truly reflects Mara's personality from the first book. It is also going to be the cover for my book!

If you are interested in commissioning her, here is Clockworkjoker's Facebook Page:

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