Second Round!

My first beta reader finished the book and loved it! I have completed over 100 pages of the edits now, and have already given the first half of my book to my second round of beta readers; I hope to be finished with this round by the end of the month!

So far, I have cut a lot, replaced a lot, rewritten a lot, and... written some. All in Danarko. I have also drawn a little, but not as much as I wish I have. I cannot wait for this month to be over; I have decided to take a break in February from all of the editing and give my third round of beta readers a relaxing time to get through my book. :)

Now! Here's a good question. I have several book cover ideas. I plan to do a voting process on it, but I don't have pics for all of the ideas yet, so here's the descriptions:

1. The current photo, Mara with her sparking scimitar (salev'i in Xharos).

2. A bloodstained scimitar in a display case.

3. A bloodstained scimitar resting against a tree.

4. A bloodstained scimitar resting against a tree, a shattered amulet beside it.

5. Just the bloodstained scimitar; really simple background.

6. Sparking black scimitar with a teardrop-shaped amulet dangling around the hilt.

7. A red and blue glowing amulet on velvet cloth.

8. A mysterious silver door on a black background.

9. A broken gate with a floating portal in the entrance of the wall, the field scored and destroyed.

10. A sphere of black tendrils surrounded by silver lightning bolts on a grey background.

Message me through my FB page OR with your vote! The three with the most votes will be drawn and posted for all to see and for later voting/comparison. Hurry up and vote! This process will not be going on for long, maybe a month at most.

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