An Update on Karma

Hello, everyone!

So we have been thinking and finally did it! Maeflower (aka Maegan Stayrook) created a short script version of Josi. Want to read it? Let me know! I can see what I can do.

I also copyrighted the short stories on this sight and eventually will be on this sight. Something I have been needing to do for a while...


Black Cat

Kami's Quest

A note on Kami's Quest: It still needs a few tweaks, but it's ready to be posted. I'm just trying to figure out how to get it onto the site. It does this funky thing where it downloads and then reopens in a web browser... I'm trying to eliminate that step between clicking on it and opening up in another window. It just may take some time and possibly transferring the story to another interactive story generator. We'll see!

Also, my thesis is nearly complete! I say nearly, but it is completely written. I'm in the final editing stages of it - well, as far as my program will let me go. After college, I will need some readers to give it a thorough look-through and to provide me with some brutally honest feedback!

In the name of all that is beautifully written, please - if you're going to give me feedback, be brutally honest! I don't want to have someone be a beta reader and find out they don't have much to say because they are afraid of hurting my feelings. Don't worry about that. If I don't speak for a few days because I'm in a corner crying, that's a GOOD thing.

I may have a few writing gigs in the future. If that's the case, I will ask for permission to repost them here! Freelance writing is something I am interested in exploring, after all. I can't wait for some opportunity to be a collaborator on a project!



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