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How's it going, everyone?

I thought to take a small break and update you on my progress with Danarko, a book I have been working on since I was a little girl. Yes, I have been writing that long. Danarko is a major project to me and trumps any other project in my life, really, so if I'm in the mood to work on Danarko, everything else pret-ty much is put on the backburner to simmer.

Here's the progress report:

Danarko's history and past involvement has been written down in a physical copy now! This means all of the worlds involved, what happened in the past on Alkina, Saheir, Garnesh, and even Gaia and Eleth have been recorded by your wonderful, creative writer!

(People don't know how creative you are because you're posting your second-hand stories, Max. -Maeflower)

Shhhh! They don't need to know that... I love Black Cat, anyways, and Josi was a nice challenge out of my comfort zone! Kami's Quest was also different, but only with the formatting...

But back to Danarko. Danarko has a very extensive history. Or, more specifically, the worlds/realms Saheir, Garnesh, Alkina, Carni, Eleth, and Gaia have very extensive histories that collide with one another and involve each other. It's very convoluted, and my notes are all over the place! But it can't be helped. At the same time the Highlords were thought up, someone was running around and killing people, a chamber was being created, and a whole civilization was learning a new power that had fallen into their hands. Oh, and let's not forget the appearance of a clock tower somewhere...

No, this is not the concept of my story. Yes, it sounds weird and may even be confusing. No, I'm not going to elaborate - because very valuable secrets are locked away behind these one-sentence phrases of these catalysts. Sorry. Not really. I don't want to spoil it all for you...

Next on my to-do list is to create a list describing each of the important people of my story in detail. These individuals are specific to DANARKO, the first book, not stretching across the entirety of the realms involved in the books. That would be a good 40-50 people, not a mere 22... Yes, I have 22 people I have to interview. Sayonara!



Note from Editor Maeflower: Max is often all over the place and scatterbrained like this. If you have never heard of Danarko before, it is a book she has been working on since she was seven years old. She finished writing the first draft when she was only fifteen years old; the second book was completed when she was sixteen. Danarko has gone through approximately seven major revisions, including this one. She has decided to write down all information around the book before attempting to write the book itself in hopes that doing so will assist her in her writing.

If you want more information behind Danarko, send a request for a blog post just about it!

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