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Essentially, all personally identifiable information is kept confidential. No information is sold, distributed, or given to third party companies except in the sole purpose of its intended use. All information is used solely for business purposes unless deemed by law for another use; Maxina Storibrook will reach out to the customer if she finds she needs to use their information in any other way than its original intended use, and will await permission from the customer before using it.


Customers under 18 years old should only provide private information at the permission of their parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s).

The Legal Jargon:

This website, business, and the people operating and maintaining it comply with the private information protection law and relevant laws. We safeguard private information and do not share it with/sell it to third-party companies outside of its intended use. We obtain a customer’s private information in an appropriate way for the purpose of business, and we shall not disclose any information to third parties except for the case that we acquire the permission from the customer or have legitimate reasons behind sharing it such as legal reasons or to fully serve the customer.

We maintain and update private information on a regular basis and make the best effort to prevent any misuse of the private information such as illegal access, illegitimate sharing, or any other wrongful usage. We periodically check the management system of the private information for updates, and we solve any issues discovered as quickly as possible.

We will respond in a timely, polite manner to any inquiry about the disclosure requirements, concerns, and how we store and secure customers' information. We periodically check to ensure we are compliant with all laws and guidelines regarding private information; we aim to protect private information thoroughly and maintain the appropriate usage. We make the best efforts to detect violations, troubles, and problems.

– Utilization of Private Information


The following list details the purpose of private information requested by this website.


A. The private information of customers:

1. Delivery of products and premiums.

2. Settlement of payment for products and service.

3. Response to inquiries.

4. Offering of membership service.

5. Product development, questionnaire research, and monitoring.

6. Contract implementation.

7. Release of legal documents.


B. The private information of shareholders:

1. Execution of rights and fulfillment of obligations based on the corporate law.

2. Facility affording (e.g. shareholder special benefit programs.)

3. Implementation of plans for shareholders (e.g. questionnaire.)

4. Shareholder management based on laws (e.g. development of shareholder list.)


C. The private information of board members and employees of the business partners:

1. Business meetings.

2. Management of business partners’ information and transaction of income and expenditure.


D. The private information of the applicants:

1. Notice of job openings and descriptions to applicants.

2. Providing or Sharing Private Information

Maxina Storibrook does not disclose and provide the private information of customers except for the following cases:

1. Maxina Storibrook obtains the acceptance from customers.

2. Maxina Storibrook is required to disclose via the law.

3. Maxina Storibrook has difficulty obtaining the acceptance from customer, but recognizes that the disclosure and provision of the private information will protect human life and asset.

4. Maxina Storibrook needs the private information for billing settlement.

5. Maxina Storibrook relegates the handling of the private information within the original intended purpose of the information.

6. Enterprises are succeeded due to the mergers, split-offs, etc.


Maxina Storibrook provides the private information of customers to relevant third parties in case that she considers it appropriate to ask for the third parties to take care of inquiries from customers. In this case, customers can ask Maxina Storibrook to stop the provision of the private information to the third parties. If this is requested, Maxina Storibrook cannot guarantee services and/or products will be delivered and/or available due to the lack of vital information for delivery, maintenance, and operations of the business.

1. Such third parties might be Ecwid (an online store platform which she uses to process, inventory, and complete purchases), Square (an online payment platform which some transactions go through), Wix (the website creation platform in which she utilizes to create and maintain her website), MailChimp (an email list service which contains, maintains, and updates her email subscriber's lists), and others.


The Customer might provide information directly to relevant third parties for completion of services through Maxina Storibrook's website. For example, Ecwid: the store platform in which the customer can purchase Maxina's products. Cards and monetary transactions are encrypted and cannot be seen by any employee. However, Ecwid will give Maxina Storibrook the name, address, and potentially phone number of the customer so she may contact the customer about their order as well as ship their products.

If, at any point, a customer wishes for Maxina Storibrook, her assistants, or the business to erase the customer's private information, they may do so by emailing Maxina Storibrook directly at

By using this website, the customer / visitor agrees to this privacy policy and understands that if they do not agree, they should stop all services immediately and request their information to be removed from any stored data system Maxina Storibrook or her company may have.


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