From Inkling to Ink: Scratchpad

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This book was created mainly because Maxina was not happy with other “fill-in-the-blank” workbooks and PDFs yet still wanted a simplistic place to throw down all of her creativity. She wants to share her knowledge with other writers who are still struggling to begin or just want an easy location to slap down all the information they need for their books.

The PDF version contains the Character Packet, World Packet, and Plot Packet.

The book version contains 3 Character Packets, 1 World Packet, and 1 Plot Packet.

Back of Book:

“No more messy notes on napkins or scrap paper! Yay!

Unless, of course, I’m doing it for fun. I’ll totally draw a symbol on a napkin and laminate it so it doesn’t get damaged, because that’s just cool!

Between these pages is top-secret information on my story. Please do not open unless I have given you express permission to do so.

If you read this without my consent, fear my wrath…”

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