Welcome! A quick note about the store:

If it says “Closed for Maintenance,” this means I am currently not taking orders.

Check my events page and make sure we are not nearing an event; I close the store during these times since I am unable to process requests while at a convention or fair. If I am nearing/at the end of an event, the store will reopen shortly after the event is over.

If it is not close to an event, come back in an hour or two! It means I am just touching up a few things; I may even have some new merchandise! ;) If it is close to the holidays, the store will reopen after the holidays. Check out my social media for updates.

All sales are final.


If you are a bookstore or a company looking to stock my books, please email me at maxinastoribrook@gmail.com for more details on pricing, refundable products, and any questions you may have. Retailers get a deep discount by going directly through me or my publisher.


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