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Contained here are side stories that branch off from the main series, Danarko Quartet. Typically, these are written assuming the reader has already read to a certain point within the Danarko Quartet; the author marks this location with a recommended “Reading Placement” suggestion. These are only a recommendation, though; you are more than welcome to read these novelettes and side stories in whatever order you desire.

However, the author holds no responsibility for spoilers!

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My Unsung Hero


Side Story Novelette

MUH Soft Mockup.png

“This is the tale of a courageous man who followed his instincts and fought for what he believed in.

This is the tale of a man who upheld the safety and protection of others above his own life.

This is the tale of a man who would rather spend his final hours with his family than boast about his mighty deeds.

This is the tale of my unsung hero, Kael Brunet.

~ Lyra, Several Years After the Rescue”


Kael Brunet, Kimala’s older brother, was a soldier who normally patrolled the city. He received an order to scout the border of the Heramus, and he leapt upon the opportunity. However, he never expected to encounter trouble on the normally boring patrol.

No one truly knew what had happened in those next few days, nor did they know how he could have gotten such wounds from a simple ‘border patrol.’

This side story not only delves into Kael’s tale, but it also provides a new insight on a portion of Blazhreia: the Heramus.

This story takes place before the Danarko Quartet timeline.


Reading Placement: After Danarko, “Chapter 10: Vial of Life.

Shattered Reality


Side Story Novelette

Description and Publication Date TBA



This is a Patron-Requested Story about Lyrik. It will have more information behind him, his past, and the recent occurrences within the Danarko Quartet.

This story takes place before the Danarko Quartet timeline.


Reading Placement: After Carni, Book Three of the Danarko Quartet.


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