Danarko Saga

Mara's journey is filled with danger, old souls, cursed swords, memories of past lives, and an ancient power that Mara cannot completely control. Will she be able to regain control over the power coursing through her? What about the memories flooding her mind?

Follow Mara as she fights against ancient forces, struggles to retain her own sanity, and comes to terms with her own identity in this quartet.

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Danarko - Book One

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“As my father’s hand had brushed over the paper, I had wondered what influenced his drawing – what gave him inspiration? He would show me some drawing of a city, pointing out where the mage had built a wall or designed that tower. I knew it wasn’t real, but... what if it was?”

Five years after her father’s death, Mara believed everything was going great. Her mother had a wonderful boyfriend, Bryce, and Mara was getting used to small-town life. 

Her world is turned upside-down when she comes home one day to find Bryce trying to kill them and an old family friend mysteriously appearing out of nowhere. Injured, Mara passes out only to wake up with a strange new power called Source, supposedly originating thousands of years ago from a biochemical called Voyana. 

She has to learn how to harness it before she hurts someone by accident. However, not everyone wants her to master her Source... 

Will she be able to control her Source in time to keep it from being used against herself and those she cares about?

Ecalain - Book Two

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Available on Amazon for as low as $18.

Signed copy available in Online Store for as low as $15.

“Imagine walking through a familiar forest that you used to travel through every day of your life. You grow tired, so you take a nap. When you open your eyes, nothing around you is familiar. You try to backtrack to find your familiar pathway. Before you know it, you are so lost that you don’t know which way to turn – not even to where you had been sleeping. This is what happens to me every time I wake up.”



It has been less than a year since Mara woke up on Blazhreia, and a lot has happened. She struggles to maintain her sanity as she tries to deal with the grief of losing someone she loves, as well as remembering the different lives of other Essence incarnations. When remnant fragments of a seal in her mind start dissipating, though, she encounters another problem as she slowly loses what little control she has over her Source.


It does not help that Desdemona’s escape exposes the presence of a traitor among Mara’s comrades, and her mysterious friend, Thanos, falls under suspicion. Not only must Mara prove Thanos’s innocence, but she has to pull herself together and regain control over her powers.


If she doesn’t, she might truly go insane before she turns seventeen.

Carni - Book Three

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Available on Amazon for as low as $18.

Signed copy available in Online Store for as low as $15.

“I risked everything for a question. I became the thing I feared the most; I discovered my true essence; I gained the knowledge to move forward regardless of anything or anyone in my way.

I wouldn’t change anything that had

happened back then, because in the end,

it was my destiny to follow that path.”


Walking through that portal may not have been Mara’s best decision; the longer she wanders the realm, the more questions she has. She travels the twisted Corridor Realm on her own, discovering more about herself and her Source’s unique ability in her quest to escape.


Meanwhile, everyone in the material realms are encountering one problem after the next. Kimala is caught in the middle of a silent feud between two ancient enemies as the Highlords frantically search for Mara still trapped within Carni.


However, it is uncertain if Mara will be able to make it back safely – if she even has a body to return to, that is…


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