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What made you decide to be an author?

I love to write and share stories with people. I love showing others the wonderful "people" I have encountered in my imagination.

I keep seeing Patreon links. What is it?

Patreon is a membership platform where fans can support their creators for a set amount per month to help them do what they love best:


In return, the creator provides different rewards based off of the tier selected. For example, $3 a month (the price of a hot tea from Starbucks) will get you access to my Patreon exclusive short stories!

If you are still confused, here is Patreon’s official video explaining what it is:


Do you accept writing requests?

No. I believe a story can only be told correctly by one person: the one who had come up with it. I will not be able to tell your story the way you want it. Feel free to contact me for writing advice, though! I will be more than happy to help you begin your own journey.

If you are a patron, you are more than welcome to request short stories for the Patreon page! The short stories are normally based off of my books, but if the topic interests me enough, I might branch out. If you are a patron of Tier 9 or higher, I will take requests for which character you would like a novelette on.

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