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July 26, 2017

Hello, all!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know this post is a few days late and I apologize; I have been preparing Ecalain for Kindle release, as well as preparing for my upcoming conventions. But... surprise! Ecalain is available for preorder on my website, and you can purchase it directly on Amazon. In a couple of days, it will also be available on Kindle!

I am already looking into other venues to slip my book in...

May 20, 2017

Would you like to receive sneak-peeks at the progress of the map, updates on the cover, and drafts of Ecalain that no one else will see? 

Support me on Patreon, an artist/creator platform that gives fans a chance to directly support their creators and receive exclusive content/items in return!

You can check out my page here: 

May 12, 2017

Hey, guys! Just thought I'd share a few pictures with you from my recent convention. I really love this professional shot that someone took of me and emailed me; he's a pretty good photographer! If you would like to check out his other work, here's his web address:

Enjoy! Love,


May 2, 2017

Hey, everyone! I just wanted to share this really quickly - it's the flyer for the Ecalain Cover Reveal and Giveaway. For those of you on Facebook, here's the link to the event:

For those of you who do not use Facebook, just email me at and I will enter you into the giveaway manually!

Lots of Love,



April 27, 2017

Hello, all!

I just recently published a new post onto Patreon. Guess what it is?

A sneak peek at my map of Saheir!

I am drawing it myself, and I am quite happy with the results so far. It's challenging my knowledge of the fine arts, but I'm loving it because I feel pretty confident in my scenery skills.

But enough of that - check it out yourself:

A note about Patreon: It is a platform...

April 25, 2017

Hello, all!

I know some of you don't have a Facebook page, and I apologize for not posting here sooner!

On June 4 (Sunday), I am hosting Ecalain's cover reveal. I am holding a live raffle on Facebook for the celebration. If you haven't liked the event on my Facebook page yet, check it out here!

For those of you who don't really use social media, no worries! Just contact me directly at with the...

April 2, 2017

The Danarko Vault

If you have been following me on Facebook or Patreon, then you have heard of the Danarko Vault. It is a wondrous place where people can look at things at-a-glance, such as a little bit of information on the Highlords and such. Even better, the Highlords (and other characters) are the ones explaining the different sections!

For my patrons on Patreon, I plan on doing something a little special - dependi...

April 2, 2017

Hello, everyone!

So I have some exciting news. Ecalain, the second book in my Danarko quartet, is now in the wonderful hands of my editor! Her facebook page is here if you want to check it out:

Also... *drum roll*

I now have Carni outlined!

This essentially means I have a roadmap when I write the third book in the Danarko Quartet. Exciting, right?! I might actually be able to finish writin...

March 18, 2017

Hello, all!

So I ended up having to take a break from editing Ecalain to run my antivirus software after an unexpected accident on the internet. Everything turned out fine, thank goodness; however, it put me into a money-saving mood. Not money-saving for me, either; for YOU.

I have been trying to figure out how to discount Danarko on Amazon because I know the price is pretty ridiculous on there. Well, I kind of figured...

March 8, 2017

So I just returned from AgamaCon this past weekend. I know, it's already been three days... but hey! A busy writer like myself has lots of things to do.

AgamaCon was in Aiken, SC this last weekend, and lots of people stopped by my table. To those who bought my book, thank you so much for supporting me! Your purchase is helping me stay a full-time writer and spend more time and effort working on Ecalain, the second boo...

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