Black Cat

This is a short story I did for fun when I was younger; I thought to share it with everyone just to show something unrelated to the Danarko Quartet. Let me know what you think!

     "I... I like you!" I blurted out, my eyes squeezed closed. I was afraid to look at him.

     There was a long pause. "So?" he asked.

     I opened my eyes and stared at him now. His dirty blonde hair barely brushed past his shoulders as his bangs neatly framed his bright blue eyes. I had recently started hanging out with him and his band, watching him as he hammered away on his drum set. Next thing I knew, I had fallen for him.

     "So...?" I repeated, my voice breaking. "Wh-what do you mean?! I just confessed to you!" My cheeks were bright red.

     He sighed, gritting his teeth as if something angered him. "Well, I hate to say it, but I don't like you. I've only been putting up with this 'cause my mates wanted me to; I didn't expect you to fall for me." Turning on his heel, he waved absentmindedly. "See ya."

     "," I breathed, unable to speak. My vision blurred as he walked away, hands in his pockets, until I couldn't see anything. Suddenly, I was acutely aware of where I was; the walls of the alleyway seemed to close in around me, suffocating me as I sat down heavily beside my bag.

     I stayed that way for a while before finally standing up and carefully wiping the tears from my eyes; I didn't want to smear my makeup. Slinging my bag over my shoulder, I recited the usual phrase: "I'll be alright. This is nothing; it isn't like it was my first rejection. I'll be alright." It seemed to somewhat work.

     I kept my head down as I walked along a busy street, heading home. A strange sound caught my attention.

     Glancing around, I noticed a box next to an old homeless man who was dozing. A pure black kitten poked its head out. "Mrow," it mewled pitifully, and my heart melted. I loved kittens.

     Cautiously walking towards the man, I asked, "Is this your cat?"

     He jumped in surprise, and then stared at the cat next to him as if it had popped out of nowhere. "I dun' know where the bloody thing came from," he slurred slightly, staring at it incredulously before glancing at me. "Ye can 'ave it, miss. Tha' blasted thing sure ain't mine."

     "Oh... okay. Thank you." Slowly, I reached for the kitten. It propped its front paws on the edge of the box and batted playfully at my fingers before licking them, startling a smile from me. I barely registered the old man shuffling away, mumbling about black cats and demons falling from the sky.

     Gently picking up the kitten, I noticed it had a white crown-shaped spot on its chest. It stared at me with light blue, almost silver eyes. As it nestled against my chest, my smile widened as I realized it was purring heavily. "At least someone accepts me," I muttered.

     It meowed inquisitively up at me, and I chuckled. "Of course you don't understand me. Let me take you home, though; I was planning on getting a kitten, anyways." Mother had given me kitty food and litter right away after she heard my wish for a cat.

     An hour later, the kitten - a male, I found out - was purring on my lap, eyes slitted as I stroked his fur. I was searching the Internet for regulations about picking up strays for pets, but except for rabies shots and other vaccines, I couldn't find anything. I sighed. "Well, I guess you can stay in my house, then," I muttered, tickling its belly. "We'll just have to give you some shots so you stay – "

     Suddenly, the kitten lunged out of my lap, tearing through the small apartment to my bedroom at lightning speed. "H-hey!" I called out, wishing that I had given it a name. "Come back!"

     "Mrowww," it called out, and I could hear a faint tapping.

     I snuck to the doorway and peeked around. He wasn't at the window as I had expected; instead, he was at the mirror, pawing at his reflection.

     "What're you doing, kitty?" I asked, slightly shaken up. He turned around, and his eyes dilated when he saw me. He meowed loudly, sounding... demanding. He then pawed at his reflection again.

     A chill went up my spine.

     In the reflection, the black kitten didn't have a white crown on its chest - it had a lock with a teardrop-shaped keyhole.

     "K-kitty, come away from the mirror, please," I mumbled, not expecting the cat to actually do it. My blood chilled as it waltzed over to me, staring at me with intelligent eyes. Wh-what have I got myself into?! I thought, slowly bending down to pet the kitten. It purred loudly.

     "Don-don't scare me like that again," I said shakily, glancing at the reflection. There was no lock on the kitten's chest; it was just a white crown. "It was just my imagination," I murmured.

     The kitten hopped onto my lap, surprising me. I chuckled, thinking he was attention-starved. "What is it? You want me to pet you some more?"

     He meowed in my face.

     I stared, stunned. No cat had ever done that to me before. As I sat there, the kitten rested its paws on my shoulder and patted my cheek before meowing loudly again. It then glanced at the mirror. I glanced it, and saw the lock with the tear-shaped keyhole on the kitten's chest again.

     I was too stunned to do anything. "First I get rejected... then I pick up a strange cat..." I looked at the said cat now, realizing its eyes were staring at me intelligently - too intelligently. "What are you?"

     It meowed at me sadly.

     Sighing heavily, I smiled slightly. "Oh, what am I saying? This is probably just due to stress and denial. After all, I was just rejected by... by..." My vision blurred again.

     The kitten patted at my shoulder gently but incessantly. Forcing a smile on my face, I pressed my eyes into its fur, sobbing. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, little kitten; I'm sorry. I just—"

     "Say no more," something said inside my mind, and suddenly I was clinging to a black shirt, not a kitten. Pulling back, I stared into the face of the handsomest man I had ever seen.

     His jet black hair was slightly wavy, accenting his strong jawbone and conforming to his strong, tanned jawbone. He was very well defined - after all, I had my hands all over him - and his black T-shirt fit loosely over strong muscles that rippled as he moved. Picking me up, he deposited me on the bed before kneeling in front of me. His eyes were a silvery blue and slitted just like the kitten's eyes had been.

     "My name is Kyran. I thank you for saving me," he purred, his voice deep and rich. "I know this may come to you as a shock, but I am a demon lord. One of my relatives decided to play a prank on me and turn me into a kitten."

     "Oh... okay," I breathed. I couldn't look away from his eyes. They were so riveting...

     He chuckled. "Will you be my wife?"

     I started now, my eyes widening. "Wi-wi-wi-WIFE?!" I shrieked, finally regaining my voice. I glanced away, my cheeks bright red. "Why-why would you say such a thing? Someone might take you seriously—"

     "But I am serious." Glancing into his slitted eyes, I realized he was. "Annabell Leahe, come with me. I know you are not happy here."

     This time, I didn't question him, not even about how he knew my name. Slowly, I curled my fingers around his big, warm ones. "Okay," I said, my voice calm now.